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Kenway College of Education

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Kenway College of Education

Hanumangarh Road Abohar (Punjab)

Addmission Notice 2022

Addmission Notice 2022

Addmission Notice 2022

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Part: A: Meaning, nature and scope of commerce

Part: A: Correlation of commerce with economics, mathematics, social science and geography

Part: B : Place of commerce in secondary school curriculum

Part: C: Aims and objectives of teaching commerce with special reference to Blooms Taxonomy of educational objectives.

Part: C: Writing instructional objectives in behavioural terms

Unit –II: Methods and Techniques

Part: A: Lecture cum demonstration method

Part: A: Discussion method

Part: A: Discussion method

Part: B: Survey and market studies

Part: B: Project method

Part: C : Brain-storming

Part: C : Assignment

Part: C : simulation and role playing

Part: C: Excursions and Field Trips

Unit –III: Instructional Material and Evaluation

Part: A: Instructional Material in Commerce- Concept and importance

Part: A: Projected and non- projected material

Part: A: Criterion for the selection of effective instructional material

Part: B: Construction and uses of achievement tests

Part: C: Diagnostic tests: Concept and uses

Part: C: Remedial teaching in commerce

Unit-IV: Professional Development of Teacher

Part: A: Role of seminar

Part: A: Role of workshops and projects

Part: B: Internship in Teaching Commerce: Concept and Importance

Part: C: Multimedia in learning commerce



Qualities of mathematics teacher

Learning Resourses

Concept Attainment model

Concept Attainment model

Pedagogy of English

Unit part a

Unit part a ) English in India Context

History of English Language

Aims and Objectives of English Language

Principles of Teaching of English Language

(Maxims of Teaching)

(Problems and Solutions of Teaching English in India)

(Communicative Approach )