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Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.): Scheme, Syllabi and Courses of Study


Scheme, Outlines of Tests, Syllabi and Courses of Reading for Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.), Examination 2018-20.

Note: Use of all brands of non-programmable calculators having signs of '+', '-', 'x', '_' 'O' only, is allowed in the examination center (in Paper only), but these will not be provided by the University / college. Radio papers / mobiles are not allowed in the examination.


B.Ed. Syllabus

The examinations shall consist of two parts as under:

    PaperSubjectEx. MarksInt. MarksTotal
    F-1.1Philosophical Bases of Edu.401050
    F-1.2Growth and Development of Learner401050
    F-1.3Techniques of Teaching401050
    F-1.4Education in Contemporary India401050
    F-1.5ICT Skill Development401050
    EPC-1.1Teaching through Drama and Music20525
    EPC-1.2Simple Expressional Competencies20525
    EPC-1.3Participation in Sports and yoga-2525
    EPC-1.4Pre Internship-2525


    PaperSubjectEx. MarksInt. MarksTotal
    F-2.1Sociological Bases of Edu.401050
    F-2.2Understanding the Learner401050
    F-2.3Assessment for Learning401050
    F-2.4Knowledge, Curriculum and Understanding Disciplines401050
    F-2.5School Management401050
    EPC-2.1Work Experience Programme20525
    EPC-2.2ICT Practical20525
    EPC-2.3Participation in Sports and yoga25-25
    EPC-2.4Pre Internship-2525

    Pedagogy of School Subjects (any two) of the following (P-1.1/1.2 and P2.1/2.2):

      i. Pedagogy of Commerce
      ii. Pedagogy of Computer Science
      iii. Pedagogy of Economics
      iv. Pedagogy of English
      v. Pedagogy of Hindi
      vi. Pedagogy of Home Science
      vii. Pedagogy of Mathematics
      viii. Pedagogy of Music
      ix. Pedagogy of Punjabi
      x. Pedagogy of Science
      xi. Pedagogy of Social Studies
      xii. Pedagogy of Sociology

    **Work Experience Programme: (One of the Following)

      a) Candle Making
      b) Gardening
      c) Home Craft
      d) Clay Modeling
      e) Interior Decoration
      f) Photography


    PaperSubjectEx. MarksInt. MarksTotal

    School Internship (16 Weeks)20+20
    By School
    Skill in Teaching Practical100+10030+30
    (By Subject


    PaperSubjectEx. MarksInt. MarksTotal
    F-4.1Gender, School & Society401050
    F-4.2Guidance and Counselling401050
    F-4.3Inclusive Education401050
    F-4.4Understanding the Self401050
    F-4.5Reading and Reflecting on Text401050
    E-4.1Elective Option-I***401050
    E-4.2Elective Option-II***401050
    EPC-4.1Participation in Community Service/ Cultural Activities/ Educational Tour/ Trip-2525
    EPC-4.2Communication, Employability and Resource Development Skill20525

    ***Elective Options: (Any two of the following)
    1. Distance Education and Life Long Learning
    2. Environmental Education
    3. Health and Physical Education
    4. Human Rights and Peace Education
    5. Life Skills Education
    6. E-Education Resource Development
    7. Population Education
    8. School Library and Information Services
    Total Marks: 1600